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1. IHS can be reached at 877-500-3590 to place a housing request, or you can place your request online at www.ihshousing.com
2. IHS works directly with your policyholder; an IHS housing coordinator will be assigned and will contact your policy holder explaining our services. We will asses your policy holders housing needs and comparability.  IHS does all the legwork researching properties and negotiating lease terms.  Knowledge of the state landlord/tenant acts allows IHS to make sure your policyholder is best protected. 
3. IHS provides addresses of comparable matches for your policyholder to drive by.  Next an appointment is coordinated for your policyholder to view the inside of the property.  This process continues until your policyholder accepts a property.
4. IHS evaluates the Furniture & Appliance needs. IHS starts with a pre-arranged furniture package. Your policyholder may have additional requests.
5. IHS will e-mail or fax a quote for your approval. This quote will include address, property type and size, lease term, as well as a monthly furnished price.
6. IHS will proceed upon approval with move-in arrangements. Your Policyholder will sign the lease agreement with the landlord and sign the IHS Housing Agreement which allows IHS to work on their behalf.
7. IHS will e-mail or fax the invoice to you. Invoices will itemize hotel stay (where applicable), total costs by month, security deposit, as well as any non-refundable fees.
8. IHS continues to act as the liaison between the landlord and policyholder with regards to any ongoing issues.
9. IHS will contact claim rep at least 30 days prior to expiration of the lease term, to determine whether to give notice to the property or extend.  The negotiated leases typically default to a month-to-month at the same rental rate.
10. IHS will manage all move-out arrangements, including furniture and appliance pick ups, property walk through, key return, and security deposit refund. 
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