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Why use IHS Housing?

Answer: Several of our employees offer over 14 years of experience in the insurance replacement industry. We at IHS know how to do this. We know the process, we know what difficulties there are to overcome, we know the leasing laws of different states, reasonable rental costs in given areas, and a whole host of others details that are critically important to manage.

We save you money with our ability to negotiate and secure short term lease arrangements. We do not place a markup on our negotiated lease terms, this savings is passed onto you.

IHS Housing operates nationally from one location. This allows us to provide a consistent level of high quality service to insurance companies nationwide, while keeping costs to a minimum.


What is your minimum stay?

Answer: From one night to one year, contact us and we will assess the best housing solution for each claim for you. There is no harm in calling us, our fees are charged only when we successfully place your policyholder.


How does your process work?

Answer: IHS will work directly with your policyholder. We will begin a customized search immediately, and will have available properties for them to view within 24 hours. You will then approve the property they have chosen. We will coordinate all the necessary arrangements, and send you one simple invoice. Our team remains available to your policyholder throughout the length of their stay in the temporary housing.


How long will it take to relocate my policyholder?

Answer: We will have available properties for them to look at within 24 hours. It is then up to your policyholder to choose a property. There is a variety of reasons why a property may not work for your policyholder. Our search continues until we have located a property acceptable to them. On average, our policyholders are relocated to a temporary residence within 5 days of your call.


How do you find your properties?

Answer: IHS Housing does not own any properties, we lease as needed on a case by case basis. The advantage to this is that we are able to locate housing based on where your policyholder wants to be. We utilize a vast array of resources to access available rentals via the internet. We also have an expansive network of realtors, property managers and property owners we work with regularly. When the initial search does not produce the results we are looking for, properties may be located through an exhaustive manual process. If it is out there, we are going to find it. This can be very time consuming, time that we are saving you and your policyholder.


How are security deposits handled?

Answer: However you would like it handled. We can invoice you, the claim representative, or your policyholder. We prefer the deposit be paid directly to us, so move-in arrangements may proceed without delay; deposits invoiced to policyholders need to be received in our office prior to move-in.


How does your billing work?

Answer: IHS offers flexible billing options. Discuss with your housing coordinator how you would like to be billed for the temporary housing, whether month to month, or the entire lease term up front. Hotel stays are typically invoiced upon check-out.


What is included in the temporary housing?

Answer: We arrange for the property to be fully furnished with furniture, housewares and appliances. We begin with our pre-arranged quality furniture packages. Additional items may be added (or subtracted) to conform to your policyholder's standard of living.


What if my policyholder needs the house longer than I expected?

Answer: All of our leases are negotiated to default to a month-to-month basis, upon expiration of the lease term. Most states require a written 30 day notice to vacate. A representative from our office will contact you about 40 days prior to lease expiration, to inquire as to whether you would like to extend or have us give notice. This process continues monthly until your policyholder is ready to move back to their home.


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